Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Conversation With Bella

Bella is not the best talker....yet. But she continues to improve everyday and recently we had our first "real" conversation. It went a little something like this:

Me: "Bella are you a big girl?"
Bella: "NO!"
Me: "Well, then are you a baby?"
Bella: "NO!!!"
Me: "Then what are you?"
Bella: "Two."

I thought, "how fitting." She really is a big girl in so many ways and yet still my baby.....I thought it was cute.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Miracle Boy

I have been meaning to write about Chase coming to our family and finally I have a little down time and I want to write it down before I forget the miracles involved. Spoiler Alert: This will be a little "wordier" post, so beware!

We have felt ready for another baby for awhile now. We have had many "feelers" out there hoping to find the baby meant for us. In early May we heard about a local adoption agency that had several babies that they had not matched with families, so we decided we would go ahead and put our paperwork in with them and hope for the best. Well, after a month, we weren't matched yet and we were not totally impressed with this agency, but we still felt like our baby was on its way and we just needed to find him. I was a bit discouraged, but just felt like he was close.

On Thursday, June 13th, I got a call from a friend, who is very active in the Utah adoption scene, she said she received a call from a different agency who were really look for families and, again, had several babies that needed to be matched with a family. Well, we were leaving for a family reunion the next day, so, I hurried and got all are paperwork in with this second agency and again we prayed that our baby would come soon.

On Friday, June 20th, 2008, we got back from the family reunion and I received a call from the new agency telling me they had a birth mom who had began contracting that was due the next day and was not yet matched. And could they show our profile to her, because she did not know whether she was having a boy or girl and we were the only family, at the time, that did not have a gender preference. I said, "OF COURSE!" And please have her call me if she had any questions!"

Later that evening, I was at a work dinner and I received a call from the agency saying, "Um she would really like to talk to you.....could you talk right now!" I walked out of Applebees and into my car and spoke to the birth mom for the first time. We spoke for a few minutes and had a nice connection. At one point she said, "My boyfriends name is Courtney' and we both thought that was a nice connection. She asked to meet me the next day.

On Saturday, we went to lunch. I was so nervous, because I felt so good about all of it, but I, of course, had little control. Within 5 minutes of meeting one another, she began to cry and said, "I was so scared to come out here, (she is from Indiana)I didn't know what to expect and I wasn't even sure a family would want my baby. But I think you guys seem so happy. And I want you to have this baby." She was crying. I was crying. Both ladies from the agency were crying. It felt so good. We went on to have a wonderful 2.5 hour lunch. Near the end of the lunch, a real miracle occurred. The birth mom told me that she wanted to give us all of her personal information, even though she didn't have to. (We only knew one anothers first names, little else.) So, the lady from the agency leaned over to me and said, "I am not suppose to do this, but since she said she was going to give you their personal information, I can tell you...guess what the birth father's name is?" I said "what" and she said "Courtney Brown." The birth father and myself have the same name. It was just a testimony to me that Chase was meant for me. We then proceeded to tell the birth mom and she again began to cry, confirming, I think, her decision.

The following week I received a call on Wednesday saying that the doctor thought that the baby was not growing inutero and needed to come as soon as possible. I was told to be at the hospital that evening when they would begin inducing her.

I went to the hospital and actually ended up staying the whole night with the birth mom. We talked and watched movies and increased our bond. The next morning, Chase decided to come really quickly. I was able to be in the room and watch as Chase came into the world on Thursday, June 26, 2008 at 11:33 am. Six short days after hearing about him and less than two weeks since giving our paperwork to the new agency. ( I knew the Spirit was telling me he was on his way.)

He was immediately swept out of the room to be checked out, because he was so small. Only 4 lbs. 9 oz. I spent the day between the nursery and the birth mom's room. He was struggling those first couple days of life. His breathing was fast, he wouldn't eat and he couldn't keep his tempature up. We were a little worried.

The next day relinquishment paperwork went on without a hitch. Right at the 24 hour mark the papers were signed and he was ours. I still hadn't been able to hold him and I was dying to do more than have him grab my finger.

On Saturday, the doctor decided to put him in an incubator and give him a feeding tube. But he also said it was ok for John to give him a blessing. My brother, Drew, came over and they gave him a wonderful blessing. He literally, didn't even need to use the feeding tube from that point on. He continued to improve from that point forward and was able to come home on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008. The doctor said to me that day, "We were really worried about him after those first couple of days, but I really think that blessing made all the difference. He couldn't have done any better than he did. I am trying to think of a reason to keep him, but I cant think of one."

He is the baby we were waiting for. The Spirit was preparing our hearts and the way for him to get to us. We feel blessed everyday for both of our miracles.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Studio Pictures

John's mom and I went and had the kids pictures done while we were in California. I love how they turned out. I just didnt want to forget how tiny Chase was/is....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Airpot Hell and San Diego

John's mom and dad outside the Temple.

Bella outside the San Diego Temple.

We saw the pandas and they were so close and active. It was so cool. This is the two and a half year old female. The mom and another new baby were on the other side of the exhibit.

John and I are at his parent's house in southern California for a few days. We came for his cousin, Lisa's wedding. She got married in San Diego on Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and she was a beautiful bride.

On Friday, we went to the San Diego Zoo. It was really fun. Bella loved all the animals and picked out a tiger and a panda stuffed animal to bring home.

And although the weekend ended up being wonderful...the start was not. Let me tell you a tale of airport hell.....

We were suppose to leave for Ontario at 3:00 pm on Thursday afternoon. John had been in Texas and was meeting us at the gate and traveling with us to California. When I arrived at the airport, our plane was an hour late, not so bad, but by the time we got to our gate it was 2 hours late. Then....three.....then....four hours late! Finally, they ended up canceling our flight and began booking people into other Southern California cities. We decided we would go straight to San Diego, since it was already late and we would be there the next day anyways. We pricelined a hotel and was assured that our luggage would meet us in San Diego.

Well, we got to San Diego, finally, but our luggage was not there. They said it some how was sent to LA....annoying, yes, but they assured us that they would bring it to us at the hotel in the morning. However, by this time we had been in airports for over 8 hours and I was out of diapers, had no clothes or car seats. John had to take and tax at 10:00pm to find diapers.

The next morning we called to see when our luggage would arrive so we could got to the zoo....well.....they sent the luggage back to SALT LAKE! Then to ORANGE COUNTY. None of which was any where close to where we were! I had to call John's mom and ask her to stop and buy us clothes on her way down, we could have worn what we had from the day before but....Bella peed through hers, Chase spit up all over his, and I was wearing heels....not exactly friendly for the zoo.

Well, when we got back from the zoo, the luggage was finally there, but it was the most ridiculous experience I have ever had in relationship to traveling. And the only thing we got for our 24 + hours of inconvience was $21.00 in food vouchers to the Salt Lake Airport....score....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

Bella lounging on papa's boat.

Bella and her cousins sitting at camp.

Bella and her daddy on the lake.

All of John's family was in town for the 4th of July. We took the boat and jet ski's to the lake and everyone, but Chase and I, camped. Chase and I spent our time under the canopy on the shoreline, while everyone else wake boarded, tubed and played in the water. Bella especially loved her first ride on the jet ski. We had to force her to go at first, but once she and her daddy were on the water, she was having a wonderful time.

I love being on the lake. I have so many great memories growing up of being at the lake and I love that I get to continue those memories with my own family. I am sure next year Chase will be the one that doesn't want to get off the jet ski.

Welcome Home Baby Chase!

Just Chillin'

Arrrrr Matey

My Family

Chase got to come home on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. The doctor said, "I am trying to think of a reason to keep him here, but he is just doing so well." He is a strong little guy. He is sweet and pleasant and we are hoping that tomorrow the doctor will tell us he has gained some more weight. We feel blessed everyday that he was brought into our family.