Sunday, August 15, 2010


On June 17, 2010, Alexis Elizabeth Boyle was born. My older sister, Erin, brought her beautiful daughter into the world. I was lucky enough to be there. My sister is amazing. She was amazing that day and I am so thrilled that she finally got her baby girl.

I went to my 10 year high school reunion in June. I had such a blast. It was so fun to catch up with old friends and see where everyone is at in their lives. We had a family bbq in the park on Friday night and then on Saturday night there was an adults only dinner at the Basque Center downtown. It reminded me why I loved being a Boise Brave!

My baby turned 2 on June 26, 2010! We had an airplane party in our backyard. "Panes and copters" are Chases favorite things right now. He is such a fun, sweet boy. He talks more and more everyday. Yesterday, he counted to 10. He loves to run and especially jump. He makes me happy and I am so thankful everyday that he is a part of our family.


May brought us John competing in and finishing his first marathon! It was his goal for this year and he did it! We were so proud of him.
Ogden Utah Marathon, May 15, 2010
Then a little later in the month, my brother, Drew, and his wife Jenny had their son Fisher Allen. I was able to go up the night he was born. Talk about a gorgeous child.
Brennan and I went on a buying trip/girl's weekend in LA. We basically ate and shopped for 72 hours. Pure bliss.

We finished up the month with a week family vacation in Southern California. We spent several days at Grammie and Poppa's just playing. Then for Memorial Day weekend we headed out to the Embassey Suites Resort in Oxnard, CA with Karen, Cecil, Jen and Kyle. It was beyond wonderful. The resort was gorgeous. We swam, played lawn games, rode bikes, and rode in Poppa's boat. I would go back anytime.


April brought Bella's first time on a soccer team. John was the coach. There were about 8 little kids from our neighborhood on the team. Bella was literally "that kid." You know the one. The one who cries, refuses to play and then when they are "playing" they are really just sitting in the grass picking flowers. As my dad would say, "She is her own kind of wonderful."

In one of her final games, I final bribed her into going into the game and trying to kick the ball. She actually did it! She ran out there, went after the ball, went to kick it and was promptly pushed down by another player. She started to cry. I felt so bad. I am not sure she will every play soccer again...


March brought Easter. We spent Easter in Boise with cousins. When we got back home, I tried to get fun pictures of my kids in their Easter outfits...the above picture is the best that came out of it. So sad. Bella, unfortunately, is going through a stage where she basically refuses to look at the camera or smile. Plus, the wind was blowing...didnt make for the best pictures.

Blogging Grade

F is for FAIL

So, I have been less than a faithful blogger as of late, um ok, for the last 6 months. But bear with me, tonight I am going to attempt to catch up. I resolve to do least for tonight!