Sunday, August 15, 2010


April brought Bella's first time on a soccer team. John was the coach. There were about 8 little kids from our neighborhood on the team. Bella was literally "that kid." You know the one. The one who cries, refuses to play and then when they are "playing" they are really just sitting in the grass picking flowers. As my dad would say, "She is her own kind of wonderful."

In one of her final games, I final bribed her into going into the game and trying to kick the ball. She actually did it! She ran out there, went after the ball, went to kick it and was promptly pushed down by another player. She started to cry. I felt so bad. I am not sure she will every play soccer again...

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Nichole said...

So cute. So maybe she is more of an artsy kind of girl... She looks adorable, I hadn't even thought of putting my girls in soccer, I should!