Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Night is Family Night.

I would not say they are holding hands, as much as she is pulling him along.

Tonight we went to the splash pad in Herriman for Family Home Evening. Bella and Chase didn't really play in the water as much as on the play equipment, but they had fun. Chase is so brave. He climbed up multiple things by himself. Then he tried to go down the big slides all by himself. I think I am in for some trouble!

The Brown Family Reunion- Yuba


Bella loved the jet ski. She liked going in circles and chasing the birds.

How gorgeous are these girls?!

Chase discovered his new love on this trip...Capri Suns.

Bella spent the majority of her time at the beach on "Big Bertha."

So, my wise husband talks his smart brother into riding from Yuba to Scipio on their bikes in 100 degree heat. We were going to go get ice cream. Well, John made it the entire way, only almost puking twice and Joe rode a nice part of the way on the side of Jake's car. Classic.

I love this picture.

We enjoyed a nice summer vacation this last weekend. We went with most of the Browns to lake Yuba. I love Yuba. It isn't a mountain lake, so the water is warm. There are sandy beaches, showers and flushing toliets.

It was so nice to spend time with loved ones. I love that Bella got to hang out with all her cousins, especially most of her girl cousins who live in Idaho. I loved that we got to build relationships and create memories. I love the fact that we all love being together. I look forward to these trips every time they come around. I am thankful to have joined a family who loves one another and has such a blast every time we get together.

FHE Fishin'

This was the extent of Bella's fishing...holding the pole for 5 seconds.

Driving the boat.

Joshy caught his first fish.

Last Monday night, we went up to Strawberry Reservoir to go fishing on Papa's boat. It was nice to be on the water, enjoying the fresh air, scenery and family. It was surprising that Josh caught a fish, because all the kiddos were so loud and stomping around they must have scared away most of the fish. But it was a great way to spend a summer evening.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

These are the tame ones.....

Girls Camp

I am one of the Young Women's Advisors in our ward. I love my calling. This past week I got to go to girls camp with these cute girls above. I had a great time and felt lucky to get to know these gals better. The theme was "Find the Hero in You." These girls are all heroes to me. They inspire me every week.

Sweet Land of Liberty

It wouldn't be the Fourth of July without....


A Parade,

Hot Weather,

Candy From Said Parade,

Corn on the Cob,


Illegals for the boys,

A Warm Night,

Or Fireworks!

Summer Sillies

I just had to add these gems to the blog, because we are such a hot and sexy family!

Friday, July 3, 2009

1 Year Old

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz
Head: Still Big

Walking all around. Trying to run.
Clicking your tongue.
Saying: baby, mama, dada, papa.
Loves all things boy: trucks, trains and dirt!


Last Friday was Chase's birthday. In true first birthday style, we threw a bash. This is how Chases felt about his birthday, very excited.

The party was a jumping theme. Jump house. Frogs jump. Chase jumps.

Bella jumping before the party.

The treat bags I made.

My good friend Lindsey and Chasers.

We decided to make gourmet burgers for dinner. John had the idea to have everyone fill out an order form and then he, Brad and Matt assembled them. The burgers were excellent! They had the works. Grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, bacon, guacamole. Divine. They were hilarious. When an order was ready, they would yell like, "Courtney Order Up!" Then they put out a tip jar.

A pinata of course.

Enjoying the spoils.

Opening Presents. Everyone spoiled him. I told people he needed "boy toys," and he got them. We now have an excellent selection of trucks, balls, and trains!

How fabulous is this cake....needless to say....I did not make it. Thank you Jill!

"Hey Ho"

Bella saying goodbye to her friend, Sadie.

Our great friends, the Allreds and Foulgers, minus Steve.

Bella was so worn out after the festivities, she cuddled into Uncle Kyle.