Sunday, November 23, 2008

All's Quiet On the Western Front

I know I have been neglecting my blog for awhile now, but I really have not felt like I have had a lot to write about. Life has been blissfully uneventful for a couple of weeks now. So, here is a brief explanation of what we have been up to.
1. Bella went back on track. She loves school and now runs to the bus when it pulls up in the morning.
2. John has had to travel very little. I have enjoyed having a husband and dishwasher around.
3. Chase is rolling over...a lot. He is strong and tiny. I swear he will be scooting around here any day.
4. I just split my time (75%/25%) between my kids/my business.

Now if I could just get a full nights sleep, I would have nothing at all to complain about...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

FMI- For My Information - Chase at Four Months

Since I am using this as my journal I do not want to forget these numbers.

Chase - 4 months
Weight- 11 lbs 5 oz
Height- 22.5 inches
Head - I don't know exactly, but it is on the big side...or so says the Doctor.


Bella was really into Halloween this year. When she woke up on the morning of Halloween she sat up in bed, smiled and said, "Alloeen." She got into her costume early in the day and we went and "trick or treated" at John's office.

Later in the evening, our good friends, the Allreds, came over for dinner before Trick or Treating. When we were done with dinner the Pirate (Hayden) and the Fairy (Bella) took off running down the street ready to begin Trick or Treating. Frankenstein, the Bug, ShaRee and myself only made it around the block before it was too windy for the little ones. We ended up talking at our other good friend's house, the Foulgers, while the daddys continued to Trick or Treat with the big kids.

The kids got A LOT of candy. Bella could not even carry her bag because it was too heavy and she refused to let John help her, so she just dragged it behind her for most of the night. It was pretty funny to see.

The adults wanted to end the movie with a Halloween classic, Physcho, but the children were very tired. Crying (basically Bella) began shortly after we started the movie, so it was off to home for bed.

Pumpkin Carving

Notice Chase's and my sad, non-carved, pumpkins

For Family Home Evening last Monday night, we carved our pumpkins, or I should say, Bella and John carved their pumpkins. I did not really feel like carving mine (it seems like a lot of work...I know...I am boring) and Chase's was so small that it wouldn't carve. His got a permanent marker face instead. Bella was so excited about it that she was jumping and shaking in her chair before we was really funny. John did a nice job and I am glad he is so willing to get his hands dirty when I am not.

Witches Night Out

For the past five years my sister, Erin, and I have had a tradition of going to Gardner Village for their annual Witches Night Out. It is one of my favorite nights of the year. This year was particularly fun because my mom, my mother-in-law, and my sister in law from California all made the trip to come to the event, in addition to my Brown sister-in-laws that live here. We started by having dinner downtown at Biaggi's. Then we headed to the village and shopped around. It is so fun to see all of the costumes and take on the term "witch." I got Chase his stocking for Christmas and several of the girls bought gorgeous quilts at the Village Quilt Shop. I love this tradition and I look forward to it every year.

Barnard Boo

She had a butterfly painted up by her eye.

On the hay ride.

John and Joe...always too cool for school.







The weekend before Halloween John's mom and sister, Jenny, came into town for Witches Night Out, but that Saturday morning, we headed down to Thanksgiving Point to the Barnyard Boo. The kids played games, got their faces painted, fed the goats, went on a hay ride, and rode ponies. The kids really enjoyed themselves. They always love when Grammie comes into town. And Aunt Jenny is always so thoughtful and fun. We love you guys! And we cant wait for Thanksgiving.

Kids Halloween Party

What older cousins do to a younger cousin.

My Fairy and Skeleton.

Too Cute.

Jenny and Carley


Every year my sister has a Halloween party for the little kids in her neighborhood. It is always a highlight of the season. This year was no exception. There was great food, jump houses, pinatas, Grandma, and cousins. Bella's best friend, Hayden, even came with his mom and little brother, Tate. All of Bella's favorite things. We had a great time and we look forward to doing it again next year.