Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today is my sister, Erin's, birthday. And I have been thinking all day about how thankful and lucky I am to have such amazing women in my life. I adore all my sisters. I have 9 all together, if you include the 7 gorgeous gals that are my in-laws. I feel like I could go to any one with a problem and get help or we could go out and have a great time. They are truly some of the best, most kind and funnest people I know.

I am especially thankful for Erin and Brennan. (And my mom, because we always say it is just like she is a sister) They are the best friends I have in this world and no one understands me like they do. I love that we can be on a girl's trip having a blast or sitting on a couch in mom's living room and it doesn't matter. We genuinely love to be around each other, take care of each other, love each other.

So, Happy Birthday Erin! I love you....and let's go shopping soon.


BLAU said...

I loved that! I am so grateful to have sisters that are my best friends too. I also am grateful you posted those pictures....I now know I am meant to be a blond! :)

Grandma Alice said...

That post makes me very teary! I have the best daughters and daughter-in-laws in the world...hands down!!!! (I agree with Bren..she was meant to be a blond!)

Erin Boyle said...

With tears in in my eyes and gratitude in my heart...Thank you. That made me feel so good and so blessed! I love you so much Courts!!!

joven said...
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